Chris Soentpiet illustrator & author of childrens' books
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Chris K. Soentpiet-Profile-author, Illustrator of childrens' books
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Chris Soentpiet's original art


Brothers (Children's Book)
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Price: $16.99
Chris K. Soentpiet-Profile-author, Illustrator of childrens' books

**Junior Library Guild 2006 selection**

When Ming arrives in San Francisco after the long ocean journey from China, his older brother Shek wastes no time warning him: "Chinese should not go outside Chinatown." Years have passed since Ming's older brothers arrived with the first Chinese railroad workers, but they are still not welcome everywhere.

But then Ming meets Patrick, a young Irish boy with a kind heart. Though the boys come from separate worlds, they learn each other's language and ways. And when Ming's family's store is in danger of closing, their new friendship helps save it, and is a crucial first step toward bringing their two communities together.

Beautifully rendered in richly detailed paintings, this inspiring picture book is the follow-up to Yin and Chris Soentpiet's award-winning Coolies. It is the rarely told story of the first Chinese immigrants and their long road to the American dream, a powerful reminder of what can happen when differences are put aside and friendships are allowed to grow.