Chris Soentpiet illustrator & author of childrens' books
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Chris K. Soentpiet-Profile-author, Illustrator of childrens' books
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Molly Bannaky (Children's Book)
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ON A COLD, GRAY MORNING in 1683, Molly Walsh sat on a stool, tugging at the udder of an obstinate cow. When she spilled the milk, she was brought before the court for stealing. Because she could read, however, Molly escaped the typical punishment of death on the gallows. At the age of seventeen, the English dairymaid was exiled from her country and sentenced to work as an indentured servant in an American colony. Molly worked for a farmer in Maryland for seven long years. Then she was given an ox hitched to a cart, a plow, two hoes, a bag of tobacco seeds, a bag of seed corn, clothing, a gun--and her freedom.

That a lone woman should stake land was unheard of. That she should marry an African slave was even more so. Yet Molly prospered, together with Bannaky turning a one-room cabin in the wilderness into a thriving one-hundred-acre farm. And one day she had the pleasure of writing her new grandson's name in her cherished Bible: Benjamin Banneker. She taught this young boy how to read and write; she told him about his grandfather, a prince from Africa, and about her days as a dairymaid across the ocean in England.