Chris Soentpiet illustrator & author of childrens' books
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Chris K. Soentpiet-Profile-author, Illustrator of childrens' books
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Saturdays And Teacakes (Children's Book)
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Price: $16.95

He can’t wait for Saturdays. Every Saturday morning, he rolls his bike out of the garage and coasts down his steep driveway. Pedal, pedal, p-e-d-d-a-l-l-l…up the hill, and down the other side. Finally he swerves onto the gravel path, and there’s Mammaw, sitting on her porch…waiting for him. No one else. Just him.

Saturdays are full of the rich smell of newly mown grass, the crick-craack of the porch glider, the satisfying bite into a fresh tomato sandwich. But the very best part of the day comes when Mammaw looks over at him and says, I reckon I know a boy who’d like something sweet to eat.

Every Saturday he follows his grandmother into her sun-splashed kitchen, and before long the teacakes are in the oven and the room is filled with a smell sweeter than summer gardenias. Laminack’s graceful prose and Soentpiet’s luminous paintings capture the delight we’Ave all felt in the presence of someone who loves us dearly-and together they remind us that love always sweetens the best family recipes .