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Chris will you donate a signed book or artwork to our PTA fundraiser?
I am honored to help your school or charitable organization raise funds to support educational causes and understand that all requests are very worthwhile. Depending on availability we can send either autographed prints OR books. You may also request signed posters or prints for your media center if library funding is limited. Please comply with the guidelines below.

Donation Guidelines:

  • Requests must be typed on association, company, or school letterhead. Donated items will NOT be shipped to a home address.
  • Include date, time, and location of the event.
  • Describe how the item will be used (silent auction, live auction, raffle or door prize).
  • If requesting artwork for your media center, please indicate how it will be displayed.
  • Include organization or school contact (name, phone number, address).
  • Requests do not guarantee a donation.
  • We do not support political parties.
  • We do not support any organization that discriminates due to color, sex, nationality or sexual orientation.
  • Include $10 cash or money order (no personal checks) to pay the shipping and handling.
  • All requests must be mailed directly to the address below. (No e-mail please).

mail to:
Chris Soentpiet
PO Box 205
Flushing, NY 11358-1428

**Please allow up to one month to process your request.**

School Visits:
If Chris is making a visit to your school or a venue nearby, you can request that the donation be picked up at the scheduled location. Please contact Chris' school visit coordinator and a donation can be arranged.

Although we receive many more requests for support than we can possibly fund, and some requests, therefore, are declined even though they meet the requirements and are indeed worthwhile endeavors. In an effort to assist as many school fund raisers and charitable organizations as possible, we practice a system of rotated giving. For instance, if we donated to your school one year, we may be unable to donate again the following year in order to assist another school. Thank you in advance for your understanding.



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